PWW MOCK DRAFT 1.0: Packers add offensive weapons, pair of dynamic CBs

I have been messing around with ProFootballNetwork’s Mock Draft Simulator since the 2020-2021 NFL season came to an end on Sunday.

Most of my attempts found me trading back to attain multiple picks in the middle of the second round to target CBs who I believe would be ready to start opposite Jaire Alexander week one next year. However, in one simulation a talent fell to me at 29 that I could not turn down. I will break down this specific simulated draft and give insight into what went into each pick.

1st Round, Pick 29: WR Kadarius Toney, Florida

This was a no-brainer. I was shocked when I saw Toney available. I had finished a dozen of simulations and Toney was not available at 29 in a single one. Toney would provide an element that the Packers have not had since Randall Cobb. His quick-twitch and yards-after-catch abilities make him a top talent in this year’s draft. His versatility could also help fill the void that will possibly be left by Aaron Jones’ departure.

2nd Round, Pick 62: CB Eric Stokes, Georgia

Eric Stokes played at an elite level in the SEC for three years and should be NFL ready. His size and physicality would mesh really well with Jaire. UCF’s Aaron Robinson and Northwestern’s Greg Newsome were available at this spot as well. While I think all of their skills are comparable, I think Stokes’ experience in the SEC makes him the right fit for the Packers.

3rd Round, Pick 92: RB Demetric Felton, UCLA

Demetric Felton is another versatile, dynamic weapon for Aaron Rodgers coming off his MVP season. Felton peaked the interest of many scouts with his route running and ability to win one-on-one at the Senior Bowl. AJ Dillon will take the bulk of the duties in the run game left from Jones, but Felton offers some lightning to Dillon’s thunder.

5th Round, Pick 142: CB Kary Vincent Jr., LSU

I traded back to get an extra 6th round pick and still got a starting slot CB in Kary Vincent. Vincent won a National Championship with LSU, but a rough encore from the team hurt his draft stock. His talent is undeniable. He has been making plays in the SEC since he was a freshmen.

6th Round, Pick 160: EDGE Shaka Toney, Penn State

Shaka Toney is a value play. He won’t have to produce right away and the Packers can mold his pass-rush instincts. Toney had five career games at Penn State with two or more sacks. He is a little undersized, but he makes up for it with explosiveness.

6th Round, Pick 173: DT LaBryan Ray, Alabama

LaBryan Ray’s inconsistency and injury concerns dropped his draft stock, but the Packers could buy a high-upside talent very low. He would add great depth behind Kenny Clark and Keke Kingsley if he can tap into his potential.

6th Round, Pick 192: OT Alaric Jackson, Iowa

Alaric Jackson is another depth/value play for the trenches. I still believe Jon Runyan Jr. and Simon Stepinick from the 2020 draft can provide some depth for next year, so Jackson would be a project rather than a key piece.

7th Round, Pick 222: LB Tuf Borland, Ohio State

Tuf Borland is your classic undersized middle linebacker. While his game doesn’t translate to the NFL, Borland is tough and would add value on special teams or even scout teams.

This simulated draft was a fun one because of the offensive talent at the top, but I also think it provided a lot of late round talent at key positions. None of the 6th round picks will have to perform next year, but if they buy into Green Bay’s development, they could become key players in the years to come.

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