Self Scout: A Review Of My 2020 Predictions

During training camp I joined Packers Worldwide and did a 4-part series analyzing and predicting the outcome of every Packers game in 2020. I ended the series with this quote.

If my optimistic predictions are accurate, the Bears will be out of the playoffs by week 17, and the Packers will be competing for a playoff bye….The Packers will get tested, but will ultimately prevail, vaulting them into playoff readiness with a record of 12-4.

Bears not making the playoffs: wrong! Packers being 12-4: almost! Packers beating the Bears: Duh.

Aaron Rodgers returned to MVP form, the defense is playing their best at the perfect time and the Packers proved all of the doubters wrong by once again finishing 13-3 in the regular season under Matt Lafleur.

I had the Packers going 12-4, winning the North and competing for the No. 1 seed in the NFC. I was almost accurate in my prediction of the overall record, but the only loss I predicted correctly was week 11 @ Colts.

The other games I had the Packers losing were week three @ Saints, week nine @ 49ers, and week 16 vs. Titans — all resulted in convincing Green Bay victories. Which leaves week six @ Buccaneers and week eight vs. Vikings as the only games I predicted as wins that turned into losses.

The first half of my predictions showed mixed results (4-4), but I finished strong, hitting seven of the final eight.

So, overall I was 11-5 — not bad. However, one glaring mistake was the lack of confidence in Green Bay’s offense. I expected the offense to be better, but I didn’t expect them to go supernova. In six conference games I predicted the Packers to go 6-0 and score 119 points. In reality, the Packers went 5-1 and scored 214(!!) points.


Week 1 @ Vikings – 23 points (W)

Week 2 vs. Lions – 20 points (W)

Week 8 vs. Vikings – 20 points (W)

Week 12 vs. Bears – 16 points (W)

Week 14 @ Lions – 23 points (W)

Week 17 @ Bears – 17 points (W)


Week 1 @ Vikings – 43 points (W)

Week 2 vs. Lions – 42 points (W)

Week 8 vs. Vikings – 22 points (L)

Week 12 vs. Bears – 41 points (W)

Week 14 @ Lions – 31 points (W)

Week 17 @ Bears – 35 points (W)

Here are three times my final score predictions came close to the actual outcome:

1. Week 4 vs. Falcons

My prediction: Packers 28 Falcons 16

Outcome: Packers 30 Falcons 16

2. Week 7 @ Texans

Prediction: Packers 33 Texans 23

Outcome: Packers 35 Texans 20

3. Week 10 vs. Jaguars

Prediction: Packers 24 Jaguars 14

Outcome: Packers 24 Jaguars 20

Here are three times my final score predictions were NOT so close:

Week 6 @ Buccaneers

Prediction: Packers 27 Buccaneers 20

Outcome: Packers 10 Buccaneers 38

2. Week 9 @ 49ers

Prediction: Packers 17 49ers 23

Outcome: Packers 34 49ers 17

3. Week 16 vs. Titans

Prediction: Packers 20 Titans 26

Outcome: Packers 40 Titans 14

If you haven’t yet, check out my predictions – Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4

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